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YoLokal is Your Own Lokal (Local) business partner. We leverage technology to power corporate discounts and deals. YoLokal is a trusted name when it comes to improve brand identity and enabling savings for corporations, employees and their customers.

If you are a merchant wanting to tie-up with organizations and its workforce OR if you are an organization wanting to get the best deals from merchants, then YoLokal is a go-to platform for you.

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For Corporations

A Unique Solution for Your Workforce and Clients

It's an obvious fact that happy and relaxed employees bring more to the table than the rest. Employees are inclined to stay longer with the employers who care about them. Same goes for your clients and customers, happier they are with your overall service experience, more business comes to your doorstep. We strive to be part of the happiness part of that experience. We like to be a partner in your business success journey by bringing out best things that matter to people at & outside work and business dealings.

Are you a business caring about the employees and customers like no one else?

Let us be your partner and bring some smiles and satisfaction to the people who matter most for your business.

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For Banks

We are your one-stop solution, if you need assistance with any or all of the below.

  • Are you a Bank wondering how to be competitive?
  • Are you a Bank wanting to provide value added services to your customers, without spending a lot of money?
  • Are you a Bank struggling to cope with technology and its adoption?
  • Every Debit/Credit card issued by you, has importance if it's used at POS or at e-commerce sites/apps. Are you a Bank wondering what to do, to increase the usage of your Debit/Credit Cards?
  • Are you a Bank wondering how to increase the usage of your Mobile/E Banking?
  • Are you a Bank wondering how to provide incentives to your Employees?

Our innovative offers solution, backed with robust technology and scientific approach, helps you improve all of the following:

Card Usage (Especially RuPay Card)

Value Added Services for your Customers

Mobile/E Banking Usage

Employee Benefits

Local Business Marketing

Cross Selling Opportunity

Ultimately with zero manpower, zero marketing and zero technology involvement from your Bank, you will be able to achieve all of the above with YoLokal.

A Bank powered with YoLokal will achieve:

Better Customer Acquisition, Better Customer Retention.
Increased Revenue, Improved Reputation.

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For Merchants

Growth Engine to Increase Your Customers and Sales

Do you have what it takes to satisfy corporate customers? These customers expect excellent quality and service, nothing else is acceptable. If you are a quality brand or striving to become one, we can take you to new heights. We will make you become visible and famous to the right customers.

Join our platform which is an enabler for businesses and merchants who believe in delivering the best.

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How it works?

Unique gamified solution for marketing and customer loyalty.