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via Card Linked Offers

About Us

YoLokal enables credit/debit card linked offers and merchant
funded cashback for Bank Customers.

YoLokal empowers Banks to increase their card usage, customer
loyalty and commission revenue.

YoLokal helps Merchants and Brands increase their customer
reach with least marketing cost.

For Banks

One-stop Marketing and IT solution empowering your Credit/Debit card with merchant funded offers and cashback

  • Are you a Bank wondering what to do, to increase the usage of your Debit/Credit cards?
  • Are you a Bank wondering how to be competitive and improve your CASA?
  • Are you a Bank wanting to provide value added services to your customers?
  • Are you a Bank wondering how to increase the usage of your Mobile/E Banking?

Our innovative offers solution, backed with robust technology and scientific approach, helps you improve all of the following:

Card Usage (Especially RuPay Card)

Value Added Services for your Customers

Mobile/E Banking Usage

Customer Retention

Customer Acquisition

Increased Revenue & Reputation

Ultimately with zero manpower, zero marketing and zero technology involvement from your Bank, you will be able to achieve all of the above with YoLokal.

A Bank powered with YoLokal will achieve:

Better Customer Acquisition, Better Customer Retention.
Increased Revenue, Improved Reputation.

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For Merchants & Brands

YoLokal powered Card Linked Offer is a growth engine to increase your customers and sales at least marketing cost.

YoLokal markets your offer to bank card holders through our exclusive online network closely integrated with our partner Banks.

How it works:

  • 1. You create an offer (Discount/Sale/Cashback).
  • 2. YoLokal links it with Credit/Debit cards of its partner Banks.
  • 3. Offer is published on bank Websites, Mobile Apps and ATMs (as applicable).
  • 4. Offer is communicated to banking customers.
  • 5. Customers see the offer and shop with you using a Credit/Debit Card.

Leverage Bank driven marketing to connect to right customers and increase your conversion.

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